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How to use Twitter chats to market your wedding business

How to use Twitter chats to market your wedding business

Twitter chats are a fantastic networking tool. You can chat with likeminded people and no one will know if you’re sat in your jammies. There are hundreds of chats that take place at set times on Twitter, covering a huge array of topics. For entrepreneurs in the wedding business you can join in with business and wedding chats to network with other business owners and chat with brides in a really informal way.

What’s a Twitter chat?

A Twitter chat is a discussion on Twitter that takes place on a particular day and time. Everyone taking part uses a certain hashtag in all their tweets so it’s possible to follow along. Twitter chats usually follow a certain topic each week and predetermined questions are posed by the host (preceded by Q1, Q2, etc.). Participants answer the questions with A1, A2, and so on. However, sometimes they are just open forums for people to chat and promote their businesses. Twitter chats generally last for an hour.

How to take part

To take part in a Twitter chat you just need to be on the social media channel at the right time. To help you keep track of some wedding and small business related chats I’ve created this public Google Calendar. You can click on the Google Calendar button in the bottom right hand corner to add this calendar to your own. From here you can set up notifications so you’ll never miss your favourite chats.


If you want to join in a Twitter chat it’s quite tricky to do it within Twitter. That might sound a bit crazy but chats move pretty fast and the Twitter interface isn’t the easiest to use for chats. Tools such as Hootsuite and Tweetdeck let you create a stream from a Twitter search.

Seeing a fast moving Twitter chat can be a little intimidating. But please don’t be put off! Generally people taking part in the chats are friendly and very welcoming to newbies. If you don’t feel up to wading in, you could always just follow along the first time.

Twitter Chat Tips from Business Glitter
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How does taking part in a Twitter chat aid your marketing efforts?

  • Getting involved in chats can help you to build brand awareness by getting your business name out there
  • Find new people to follow and gain new followers
  • Talk directly with brides aka your potential customers
  • Network with other wedding professionals

If you’d like any help getting involved in a Twitter chat or want to know how to create one of your own, leave me a comment below.