Where to find content to post on social media

Where to find content to post on social media

Regularly posting to social networks is what enables you to gain followers, create engagement and drive traffic to your website. How often you should post will depend on:

  • Your business
  • Your audience
  • Your choice of social network

Having to come up with loads of content to post on social media can be intimidating and stressful. Did I just see another grey hair sprouting?

But it doesn’t have to be this way. There are so many places that you can find content to share on social media. The first stumbling block many solopreneurs come across is the thought that they have to write everything themselves. You want to post on Facebook five times a day, so you need to have written five different blog posts or web pages first, right? Wrong, luckily!

But first, remember the 80/20 rule

Only 20% of what your business shares on social media should be about your brand, company, services and products. In other words, 80% of what you post should be non-promotional and exist to serve your audience, not your business.

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What should I post on social media?

Use your social media accounts to provide value to your audience and give people a reason to follow you and like your page. Think about why your audience is on social media and what they want to consume. Is it interesting facts, insightful articles, or hilarious cat videos? I, for one, believe there is always a place for a cute kitty.

Types of content to post on social media:

  • Written content
  • Images or memes
  • Videos or GIFs
  • Infographics

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Where to find content to share on social media?

Your own website

  • Service pages – write a post about one of your products or services
  • Blog posts – share posts that you’ve written for your blog
  • Testimonials – let others blow your trumpet for you by posting some quotations from your lovely customers – you could pretty these up by creating a graphic on Canva or Pablo for Buffer (see below)
  • Case studies – show your expertise and give examples of what you have achieved for your clients

Social media

Find interesting tidbits to share by seeing what others are sharing on social media. You don’t have time to spend all day on Twitter so you need to find a way to curate all the great content into the same place. Twitter Lists are a way to do this.

Twitter Lists

By creating lists and placing relevant people into those lists you can quickly see their updates in one space without all the other noise in your Twitter feed.

Adding people to Twitter lists GIF
To add someone to a list go to the person’s profile, click on the settings cog, choose add/remove from lists and then choose which list to add them too. Create lists from the same settings menu on your own profile page.

Be aware that when you add them to a list, people get a notification so be careful what you name the list!

You can now scroll through your lists and quickly retweet the posts you want or click through to the article and share it via a scheduling took, like Buffer or Hootsuite.


Pinterest is also a great source of content for you to share on other social networks. When you click on a pin it takes you through to the page where it was created. There are some great how to articles, recipes, etc that you could create a post around for Facebook or Twitter.

Pablo by Buffer

If you’re a fan of inspirational quotes, Pablo is a quick and easy way to create gorgeous graphics to share. Choose an image and scrop through to find the quote you want to add. You can add your own text for a custom graphic, and adding a company logo means it’s branded for you.

Audrey Hepburn quote

Other websites and blogs

Sharing articles written by others is a good thing for your social media profiles. Ensuring that everything you share aligns with set themes means that you become known as a font of knowledge in that arena.

Remember what I said earlier about not having all day to spend on Twitter? Well nobody has time so by sharing useful articles you are saving your fellow humans from having to follow loads of different accounts. Instead, all they need to do is follow you.

You could easily lose hours looking for articles to share on social media by searching and browsing. Reclaim those hours to spend on other activities by using RSS and Google Alerts.

RSS readers

Many websites, and most blogs, have an RSS feed. RSS stands for really simple syndication and it’s a standardised way to distribute content. Using an RSS reader, like Feedly, means you can collate all your favourite websites’ content in one place. Organise the feeds into categories and easily scroll through what’s new today. You can share directly from Feedly but I like to go into the article and share from there as I can grab an image into Buffer and schedule that to post alongside the article.

Bloglovin is a blog reader. It works similarly to Feedly and is mostly used by bloggers and people who read a lot of blogs. Again, it brings together the latest posts from your favourite bloggers, saving you the hassle of checking each site.

Google Alerts

To receive an email with recent relevant articles you can set up Google Alerts. Choose how frequently you want to get emails and pick a search term, such as “dog grooming”. Then you’ll get round up emails with new articles that you can share. It’s also a good idea to set up Google Alerts for your name and your company name so that you can find out if anyone has written about you or your business.

Things to consider before posting on social media

  • At least skim read posts you haven’t written to make sure you’re happy with the content and the opinion. Readers are likely to think you share that opinion if you’re posting it so if the article is controversial consider making it clear where you stand on the matter.
  • Consider how you want your brand to be perceived before posting anything to social media. Your posts could be the first contact a potential customer has with your business. Make sure it’s positive and aligns with how you want people to feel about your brand.
  • Remember that the internet is forever. Although you can delete posts, the damage can already have been done. It doesn’t take long to screenshot a tweet or Facebook update. If you wouldn’t say it out loud to someone’s face, don’t say it on social media.
  • Watermark images that you have created so if they’re shared, the source is clear. It’s good for brand awareness.

Finding content to post on social media doesn’t have to take all day. Setting up your Feedly, Twitter Lists and Google Alerts will take a little while at the start but once it’s done it will save you so much time. I spend about 15 minutes each morning going through and scheduling posts to send out throughout the day using Buffer. Once you know where to look, it’s just a case of sharing the content you believe will appeal to your audience.

Over to you!

Get posting on social media, glitter bug! If you’re looking for ways to make your life easier, take a look at these three invaluable social media tools.

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